World War II: 7 Things You Need To Know About World War II4 min read

Here are the 7 Things You Need To Know About World War II :


During the war, Britain came up with a new onboard radar system called Airborne Interception Radar, which allowed their pilots to more effectively target German bombers during nighttime missions. To prevent the Germans from finding out that the British had RADAR onboard aircraft, the British started a rumor that their pilots had excellent night vision from eating lots of carrots. This rumor has continued to today as many people think carrots improve eyesight. If your parents ever told you that eating carrots would improve your vision, you can consider yourself a victim of World War II propaganda.


Since world war 1 was disastrous for France, they couldn’t afford another humiliation. So they developed a strategy to defeat Germany in the next war. In order to win a war, you need basic resources like food to feed your Army, iron to build your tanks and oil to move them. And many different other resources. And you need a lot of them. That was Germany’s weakness, it had to import most of them from neighboring countries, even the United States.

If France could successfully cut German supplies, then Germany simply won’t have the resources to attack France that’s filled with resources. Germany was aware of that and knew that if it is going to involve itself in a long-lasting war, it had to secure the resources first, and that meant taking over France. France prepared its fearful defenses alongside its borders and eagerly waited for the germans.

In WW1, Germany attacked France through Belgium, but this time France wouldn’t make the same mistake, so they moved their most elite forces to the north bordering Belgium. Belgium was divided into two parts. The north had a more favorable condition to fight, so France expect an invasion from there, but the Germans started a full attack from the south where it was filled with hills and caught the French soldiers by surprise. It seems like France learnt nothing from the previous war.


During the Second World War, the US established a trade embargo against Germany—making the export of Coca-Cola syrup difficult. To circumvent this, Max Keith, the head of Coca-Cola Deutschland, decided to create a new product for the German market to substitute Coca Cola, using only ingredients available in Germany at the time and they named it Fanta, shortening of the word Fantasie (German for fantasy).


World War 2 ended with the red Army marching into Berlin. But despite its massive size, it wasn’t sufficient. Before Germany invaded Russia, Russia invaded Finland. A huge country like the Soviet Union seems like it could easily take over the neighboring state – that’s what Stalin Though, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

In the coming days, the Red Army crossed the borders and marched to take over the country. Finland didn’t even have an airforce, neither a proper army, so their strategy was – guerrilla war, they dug tunnels, attacked with a small number, threw gasoline bottles. In fact, Fins were outnumbered 5 to 1. But they were successfully sabotaging the entire red Army. After 2 months of fierce fighting, the fins simply did not have the resources to keep going, they had to raise a white flag and settle for peace and lost 11 percent of their territory. Even though the Soviets officially won the war, they lost 160 thousand soldiers compare to only 25 thousand that Finland lost. The war proved the inefficiency of the red Army and convinced Hitler to attack Russia.


Henry Tendy was one of the best British soldiers on the field. He was awarded The Distinguished Conduct Medal for his heroic actions at the Battle of Cambrai. Then a military Medal for rescuing many wounded soldiers and leading a bombing party successfully. And finally, he was awarded the highest British award – Victoria Cross for his outstanding actions on 28th September 1914. After a long day of fighting at a small French village wounded Hitler was barely trying to survive, but Henry Tendy, The British soldier couldn’t shoot a wounded man, so he spared his life. The British soldier, with all the highest awards, spared the life of a soldier who would later start the greatest war in human history.


 After losing World War 1, Germany had to settle for unfavorable terms. It has lost around 10 percent of its territory and had to dismantle its Army and take responsibility for the consequences of it’s actions by repaying for all the losses and damages it caused as a result of starting the war. Germany was under legal sanctions, deprived of military power, economically ruined, and politically humiliated. That created resentment and anger among the German population since Germans felt they had been unjustly dealt with.

 With the beginning of the Great Depression, the German economy suffered, even more, making the lives of millions of germans even harsher. A man called Hitler took advantage of that by promising to bring Germany to its former glory. Faced by harsh economic realities, the crowds gave Hitler all the power he needed to strengthen his grip around Germany. In other words, world war 1 was simply the beginning of world war 2.


Gunther Quandt was one of Hitler’s most important allies. He was an industrialist with factories all around Germany producing everything he could to empower the Nazi army, even the batteries to power tanks and submarines. Hitler appointed him as the minister of the war economy.

Later on, His son Helbert built a concentration camp for the Nazis, in fact, he was a member of the party as well. What’s interesting is that even when Germany lost the war, the Gunther, together with his son Helbert weren’t imprisoned and set free. With the capital Helbert inherited from his father, he went to purchase businesses that suffered the most from the war, such as BMW, and turned them into successful companies.

Today Quandts are the wealthiest family in Germany. 3 of them are in the list of top 10 wealthiest people in the country with a combined net worth of around 60 billion dollars. Like any other wealthy family, they make huge political donations, even to the current party that’s ruling over Germany. It’s interesting how the exact same family that was supporting Hitler a few decades ago, now funds the current major party.

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