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who is tony robbins

Who is Tony Robbins: 15 Things You Don’t Know .

Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, self-help guru and a businessman. Robbins was born on February 29, 1960 in California. After a difficult childhood he went out on his own and started promoting seminars for motivational speaker Jim Rohn.  From there Tony developed his own business as a self-help coach and began hosting seminars. His business began to take off when he started producing infomercials to advertise his books and services over the years. Tony has helped countless celebrities, powerful businessman and everyday people through his individual coaching, weekend seminars books and philanthropy. His celebrity clients include Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Chuck Liddell and Hugh Jackman, over 40 years in the business he remains as relevant and successful as ever, where the net worth of around four hundred and eighty million dollars and about thirty million earned annually.

Let’s look at the 15 interesting facts you didn’t know :

1. Tony Robbins’s mother kicked him out of the house as a teenager.

Tony’s parents divorced when he was seven and then his mother had a series of boyfriends and husbands. One of her husband’s was a semi-professional baseball player named Jim Robbins who legally adopted Tony when he was 12. When his adopted father abandoned the family, Robbins had to step in as a provider and worked to support his siblings. His mother turned to alcohol and prescription drugs and Tony described his home life as chaotic and abusive. When he was 17 years old his mother chased him out of the house with a knife and Tony never returned. He reconciled with his mother much later and even bought her a beach house in 1991.

2. Tony Robbins grew ten inches in one year because of a tumor.

Everyone knows that Tony Robbins is a really tall but most people don’t realize this is due to a medical condition in his sophomore year. In high school Tony was Five feet one inch tall and over the next year he grew ten inches. Nobody knew at the time that he had actually had a pituitary tumor that caused the growth. His height is now six foot seven.

3. Tony Robbins worked as a janitor after he was kicked out of the house.

Tony took a job as a janitor where he was making $40 a week. He then started on his own career path when he started working for a motivational speaker Jim Rohn. His job was to call people and convince them to go to Jim’s motivational seminars. Jim took him under his wing and taught him to not ask that life would be easier but that he would be better.

4. Tony Robbins started gaining recognition when he cured somebody’s snake phobia in 15 minutes.

When Tony made the claim that he could cure somebody’s phobia in 15 minutes, he was publicly attacked on the radio by a psychiatrist who said he was nothing but a charlatan and a liar. Tony challenged her to bring her patients suffering from a phobia of snakes to the Holiday Inn and the following night he would prove himself. It became a bit of a media spectacle but Tony was up for the challenge. The woman who had been suffering from a paralyzing fear of snakes for seven years was cured by Tony in less than 15 minutes and actually allowed Tony to wrap a snake around her shoulders with no fear. Accepting challenges became a signature move of Tony’s and helped to elevate his career.

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5. Tony Robbins charges businesses a consulting fee of 1 million dollars for his services.

Among his other endeavors Tony offers executive consulting and business coaching services. Tony has trained a number of coaches that can be hired by businesses through the Tony Robbins results coaching program. But if you want to hire Tony himself, you have to be ready to pay up. Tony is the most expensive business coach with a fee of 1 million dollars per year in addition to sharing the company’s profits for the year. He claims he can bring a return on investment of up to seven hundred percent more than the initial investment.

6. Tony Robbins plans to feed 1 billion people in the next 10 years.

Tony was extremely poor growing up and his family struggled to buy food. When he was 17 and first started having money himself, he paid for two family’s Thanksgiving dinners. The next year he fed for families and tried to double it every year. When he found real success he started buying Thanksgiving dinner for four million people every year for 12 years. When he received a five million dollar advance for his 2017 book called unshakeable your financial freedom playbook, he gave all the money to a charity called feeding America. He then asked the group how much it would cost to feed 100 million people and he says he wrote them a much bigger check to make that happen. He plans on feeding a billion people over the next 10 years.

7. During one day of his seminar Tony’s activity is the equivalent of running a marathon.

Tony says that on his most intense day in his seminars his activity is the equivalent of running a marathon. He is very active during his seminars. Running and walking and interacting with the audience. He regularly does 27 miles in one day all while staying on stage and presenting his program. The activity does take a toll on his body but Tony says he uses cryotherapy to help his body recover. Cryotherapy involves getting into a machine for an intense several minutes. While your body is cooled with the use of liquid nitrogen to temperatures that are sometimes even colder than negative 200 °F.

8. Tony Robbins owns a mansion near Palm Beach Florida.

Tony travels about 200 days a year. But the other days he comes home to a twenty four point seven five million dollar beachfront mansion in Palm Beach County. He looked at 88 properties in three states in just three weeks before purchasing the newly built home and he decided to move to Florida because they have no income tax. He stays in the first floor master suite and there are five additional bedrooms upstairs. Other features include an infinity pool. Nearly 200 feet of private beach a 50 foot boat dock and two acres of land.

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9. Tony Robbins’ favorite music artist is Diddy. 

Tony thanks listening to music increases productivity and can provide motivation. He loves rap music and says he especially loves any song by Diddy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

10. Bill Clinton called him for advice before he was impeached.

In 1998, Bill Clinton found himself in hot water when he lied about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. While giving testimony in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by Paula Jones, the night before he was impeached. Clinton reached out to Tony Robbins and asked for advice .Tony told Clinton to think about what he wanted his legacy to be and to choose his actions carefully because at the end of the day he had to be able to look himself in the face.

11. Tony Robbins declined to help Alex Rodriguez, a.k.a. A-Rod.

Tony is approached by an untold number of people every year who want his help and advice one person who reached out to Tony was former Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Otherwise known as A-Rod. He called Tony while he was caught up with some controversy while he was still a part of the Yankees. But Tony said he simply didn’t have the time to help him.

12. Tony Robbins owns a five-star resort in Fiji.

Robbins’s favorite place in the world is the Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji. He loves it so much that he bought it. The five-star all-inclusive Resort is where Tony hosts some of his life and wealth mastery seminars Oprah listed the resort as one of her favorite things in 2012. But you practically have to have Oprah’s deep pockets to stay there. A one night stay in June starts at 1145 dollars.

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13. Tony Robbins first declined his role in SHALLOW HAL.

Tony Robbins plays himself in the 2001 Farrelly Brothers movie Shallow Hal. But it took some convincing at first he declined the role because he wasn’t interested in acting. But when he received the script and saw the message of the movie was embracing inner beauty and not being a surface driven person he reconsidered. What really convinced him to do the movie was finding out that the writer of the script had purchased Tony’s personal power audio program often infomercial years prior. However Tony was not a fan of the lines written for him. So he asked if he could improvise. He said that when he smacked Jack Black on the head in a scene and said Devils come out that Jack had no idea was coming and the reaction on camera was real.

14. Tony Robbins bought a private jet in 2015.

After years of flying commercial and chartering private jets Tony finally decided to buy his own. He bought a Bombardier Global Express XRS from Micky Arison, the owner of the Miami Heat and the Carnival Cruise Line for an estimated cost of 50 million dollars.

15. Tony Robbins met both of his wives at his seminars.

He met his first wife Becky Jenkins at one of his seminars and they married in 1982. He adopted the three children she had from her to former marriages. While married, he had a child with a former girlfriend Eliza in 1984. Their son’s name is Jarek and is now a motivational speaker as well. Tony Robbins divorced his first wife in 1996 and met his second wife Sage Humphrey in 1999 at another one of his seminars. The two were married in 2011.

So, these were some interesting things and facts . Hope you liked it.

Here’s a fun fact about Tony Robbins:                                                                                              Tony Robbins once said that if he could change one thing about himself he would make himself smaller so that he could fit into normal cars and clothes.

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