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Below is the full Josh Talks speech transcript (text) of Roopa Divakar Moudgil, commonly known as D. Roopa who is a famous Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from DavanagereKarnataka.

“When I was in 3rd standard, My teacher asked us what you want to become when you grow up. She said, don’t answer now.  Go home, talk to your parents and tell me tomorrow.”

I went home and asked my mother what I should become once I grow up. She asked me to become a doctor but I didn’t want to be.  Then I asked my father, he said become an IPS or IAS. He explained to me as well that once you become IAS, you can become DM or DC. And from IPS, you can become SP.  I liked this leadership role so much that I gave this answer in the class the next day.  I was the only student who gave this answer.  This made my teacher happy and asked everyone to clap for me.

Because of this, I thought that IPS must be special.  And then I decided that I will become an IPS or an IAS.

Hello, I am Roopa Diwakar Moudgil, IPS Officer of 2000 batch.  I am from Karnataka…

I am from a small village – Davanagere from Karnataka. In South especially Karnataka, there are a lot of engineering – medical colleges.  There people want to become engineers or doctors not IPS or IAS.  In my childhood, people had no idea of IPS or IAS.  So I grew up in this environment.  I am from a very conservative Brahman family.  So when I became an IPS, my relatives asked my father that how did he led a girl to be in police?  But my parents have progressive minds… my parents were central government employees working in different departments. So I had to be a working woman but what will I be, the seeds of this were sown by my father.

He gave me a dream but how it will be achieved or how will I do it. Even he had no knowledge of it.  So in that atmosphere where I had no knowledge of IPS or IAS, I gathered all the knowledge of IPS or IAS where no one had knowledge of it is an interesting story.     

When I was in 8th standard I enjoyed NCC Even in college and school, I was in NCC I have received A-B-C certificates.  In Delhi during January a Republic Day Special, NCC camp is hosted.  It’s a competitive camp for which in order to participate, you need to cross 5-6 exams. I had represented my school at this camp in the 9th standard during that Kiran Bedi came and gave a speech at the cam. I got inspired  NCC and the Kiran Bedi influenced me so much  that even after getting the 43rd rank in UPSC,  I chose IPS.

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During that camp we had to give exams related to our general knowledge.  To prepare for that someone gave me the Competition Success magazine.  In that magazine there were interviews of IAS IPS Officers which I read.  And then I got a clear idea of what the exam is what the subjects and level of difficulty is…and so on.  So in the 9 Th standard, at that camp, I took the decision that based on my interests, Psychology and Sociology would be the subject with which I will attempt UPSC examinations.

After class 9th, I completed the class 10th.  I have read the state syllabus during the 10th standard. Because at the time there were no CBSE schools in my city.  In the state board, I got the 23rd rank In spite of that, I chose humanities in the 11th standard.  Everyone was shocked.  Some people told me it was a foolish decision.  You’re a ranked student, you can easily get into engineering or the medical line plus you have extra marks from the NCC camp. 

But I said, if I don’t aspire to become an engineer or doctor, then what will I do by reading it.  I am happy about the fact that according to my childhood dreams. I chose my subjects according to my interests, gained the knowledge and crossed one round at a time and got selected.

I was always a self-motivated girl and there wasn’t a single day when my parents said that you should sit and study.  I used to study on my own and I also used to take part in extra-curricular activities.  Be it essays, speech, debates, quizzes, singing.  I have also learned Bharatnatyam.  Because of all this, I had already developed a general knowledge base because of which for the IAS, UPSC exam, I did not have to prepare separately for the general knowledge section.

For those who are looking at this talk,  to all those parents, for your children motivate them to move forward in the fields they take interest in don’t just make them a book worm. Encourage them to take part in all extra-curricular activities because with that they will realize where their interests and talents lie and at which level they are, and what all they can do.  Take failures as feedback.

And I would also like to mention that if you have a girl child you should encourage them as well.  For my parents it was me and my younger sister.  She is an IRS income tax officer.  If my parents would have said, you are a girl, don’t go to the Police Services I wouldn’t be standing in front of you as an IPS Officer.  When I passed the IPS IAS exam with the 43rd rank and I chose IPS, at that time I was just 24 years old.

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My first posting was in the district Dharwad.  I was just grappling with learning the administration.  in the first month itself, I had to take on a huge responsibility-  That the Hubli Court had filed a non-bailable warrant against the sitting Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh .at the time, It means arresting.  My career kick-started with this challenge.

My next memorable posting was at Yaadgiri.  Yaadgiri was a new district made from Gulbarga.  I was posted there as the first district head.  Handling a new district is like handling a newborn baby. There did not exist a Sashastra Seema Bal.  Other than that ask any policeman how difficult it is to handle a law and order situation.  So I took some preventive steps for this at the very beginning.  Because of which a message was sent, and there for 3 years peace was maintained. But during that time my family faced certain difficulties.  As I said, Yaadgiri was a new district so there were no residential quarters for the SP post.  I couldn’t get any residence on rent too.  So, my husband who is IAS Officer, had an additional charge, but for that, a residential quarter was attached but that was in a village in the same district.  I started living there.  And there was a school nearby, from where my daughter started her formal education from that rural school.  And in the 1st two classes, she even sat on the ground. Because there were no sitting amenities provided.

Many people think that the Life of IAS and IPS’s are very comfortable and leisure.  They get AC rooms, chambers, house helps  AC cars and everything.  But there are different challenges. In my 18 years of career, I’ve been transferred over 40 times.  So, while I was working in Bidar district as Superintendent of Police.  That time an on a Politician, Sitting MLC Vidhayak – Member of Legislative Council, I had to file an FIR for abetting riots and chaos.  So, before I take an action on the FIR. I got transferred.  And along with it, privilege notion was noticed to me.  And everybody knows that an MLA while filed FIR against cannot claim privilege notion. But this happened with me and it went for 4-5 years.  But nothing has happened to me because I was legally right on my end.

When I got posted from Yadgiri to City Armed Reserve, Bangalore as Deputy Commissioner of Police, I noticed some politicians MPs MLAs, etc.  were keeping excessive unauthorized gunmen with them.  So, I made a list and from 82 politicians, I’ve withdrawn 219 gunmen.  In that period, at a former Chief Minister’s place, 8 new SUVs were kept as convoys.  And nobody had called back for them too.  So I took them back as well.  During that period I get a transfer but I don’t consider transfers as a punishment.

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Very recently, in July of 2017 when I was posted as DIG prisons, I had submitted a report on jail irregularities.  It so happened that the prestigious Supreme Court had announced jail term to a very powerful politician in Tamil Nadu for corruption.  And she was sentenced to the Bangalore jail. I was posted there as DIG prisons.  She was so powerful, that at one point she was projected as a candidate for Tamil Nadu’s Chief Ministership.  When I took charge there, I saw that she was unlawfully given privileges flouting the order of the Supreme Court.  I reported on that.  After that not only was I transferred, I was given a defamation notice.  Like a driver, driving a car on the road in spite of not being at fault, he is always at risk of an accident due to another driver’s mistake.  So Government officials keep on getting notices in that manner it is an irritant and creates discomfort but these are occupational hazards and these are causes worth fighting for. To date, or even in the incident of the jail, I have worked in a transparent and accountable way.

Many students, after writing for the UPSC aspire to become an official. A lot of people, want to get involved towards serving and growth of the nation.  Some people become, activists, open NGO’s or become journalists, politicians. But for 60 years by law, the power given by law if any division has it, it’s the Civil Servants.  According to article 311, All India Services have been created. There is a lot of protection and safeguards if utilized properly, a lot of problems of the nation can be solved.

“I will give this message to the Youth that whatever you want to become, dream it, visualize it, and move forward towards achieving it. Don’t be scared of anyone…  Some people say, it’s not your cup of tea…  There will be some difficulties, but seeing that, don’t step backwards..  Keep at it, and handle it courageously But do, what is right….”

– IPS Roopa D Moudgil

Source: Josh Talks

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