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kanye west facts

About Kanye West:

Kanye West has gained worldwide recognition through both his music and for bluntly speaking his mind. The self-proclaimed new King of Pop has compared himself to Picasso Walt, Disney and Steve Jobs, and even Jesus. He named his world tour Jesus Mary, the most controversial socialite in the world. And now he’s expanding his empire into the fashion world.


10 things you didn’t know about Kanye West:

  1. Kanye West dropped out of college to pursue his music career that’s why his first album is titled college dropout. In order to support himself he used to work at the gap and for a while was a telemarketer selling credit-card insurance, to pay his mom the $200 in rent she demanded. He even said he was way better at his job than his co-workers.
  2. Kanye West received 21 Grammy Awards, ranking him as the most awarded rapper in the history.
  3. Kanye started as a music producer. His first real sale earned him $ 8800 from a beat he sold to a local rapper. He used the money to buy a Jesus piece and polo clothes. After that, he made beats for a lot of other rappers, even some classics for jay-z. That’s how their friendship started. A few years later Jay, finally gave him a shot and Kanye as we know him today was born.
  4. In the beginning, the business was run in the family with him dropping out focusing on producing. His mother dropped her English teaching job in order to become his manager. She introduced him to No I.D. (Ernest Dion Wilson) which had a pivotal impact on his career. In 2007 she died but she got to see her son on the track to superstardom.
  5. People didn’t take Kanye seriously until he went head-to-head versus 50 cent. In 2007 the two rappers vouched to launch their albums. Kanye’s graduation vs. 50 Cents’ Curtis at the same time and see which would sell more. It earned them the cover of The Rolling Stone magazine. 50 cent even said that he will quit music if Kanye would outsell him. Kanye did outsell him by a lot almost 50% more. Solidifying his position as a great influence in the rap game. And all this happened in 2007 when 50 Cent released his hit single Ayo technology.
  6. His name perfectly fits with his self-centered persona. In Swahili, Kanye means the only one. In 2015 he launched a song with Palma Hartney titled exactly that. The song is an iteration of his passed away mother, talking to him from heaven.
  7. Although he has a personal net worth of 145 million dollars he announced he is in 53 million dollars’ worth of debt reaching out to people like Mark Zuckerberg or to fund his projects. The 53 million of debt might come from his fashion project, which although has received lots of praise from the critics has yet to be profitable.
  8. Kanye had for a while a very lucrative contract with Nike where he helped design and market some of the most iconic sneakers ever. Due to some misunderstandings, he ended their collaborations and moved over to Adidas, which welcomed him with open arms. He helped design and market his own line of sneakers for them, and in 2015 it seems, Yeezys outsold Jordan’s most popular shoe. Kanye quickly made sure to mention that in his song fast.
  9. Before being famous he admitted he thought about a career in porn. The funny thing is a while back, he kept a few sex tapes of himself on his laptop. A laptop that got stolen by one of his cousins. Kanye ended up paying him 250,000 dollars, just to get him back.
  10. Before he finally settled down for Kim, Kanye was engaged to fashion designer Alexis Pfeiffer. From 2002 to 2008, from 2008 to 2010 he Amber Rose, another controversial socialite. The former stripper is now Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama, and she’s even called Kim a homewrecker. amber doesn’t hold back any time she’s been mentioned on Twitter by Kanye, sparking even more controversy with every tweet
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