Jim Rohn – Questions to Ponder: “Why, Why Not, Why Not You, Why Not Now”2 min read

Text of Jim Rohn’s Motivational Speech in which he talked about asking four profound questions to be pondered upon- “Why, Why Not, Why Not Me, Why Not Now?

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Jim Rohn Motivational Speech


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I want you to ponder these four questions:

The first question to ponder is ‘WHY’?

Why go this far? Why try to learn this much?

Why study? Why put yourself out?

Why try to earn as much as you can earn; share as much as you can share?

Why try to become all that you can possibly become?

Why develop yourself to the full?  

Why try to do it all? Why trying to take on this?  Develop every skill you possibly can… See every human you possibly can… Go to every class, you possibly can… Touch everybody, you possibly can…

Why do that much? Why go that far?

Why share that much? Why give that much away?

Why try to see everything? Why try to do everything? Why try to become everything?

The first question to ponder when you go home is ‘WHY’


Here’s another good answer to ‘WHY’. It’s the second question: ‘WHY NOT?’  

Why not see how much you can earn?

Why not see how much you can learn?

Why not see how many skills you can develop?

Why not see what kind of person you can become?

Why not see what kind of influence you can have?

Why not see how many people you could rescue from oblivion.

I want you to take that personal. Why not? Why not?

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You’ve got to stay here till you go. I mean, what else are you going to do? Why not see how much you can do; How far you can go?


Now here’s number three: ‘WHY NOT YOU’?

You’ve got the brains. You can make decisions. You can study the plan. You can change your life. You can grow immensely in the next few years. You can make your dreams come true. You can build a financial wall around your family that nothing can get through. You can become healthy, you can become powerful. Why Not You?


My very last question on the questions to ponder is ‘WHY NOT NOW’?

There never was a better time. And what a time now for us to take this dream and not let it die. Take this dream and give it life. Take this dream and breathe into it your own personal spirit, until finally it becomes a flame that burns around the whole world.

– Jim Rohn