Jim Rohn Motivational Speech: Start Fresh Everyday5 min read

Jim Rohn Motivational Speech: Start Fresh Everyday

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Jim Rohn – Motivational Speaker

After graduating from high school, I went to one year of college and then I decided I was smart enough so I quit, which was one of my major mistakes, among many major mistakes I made in those early days.

But I was ambitious and willing to work hard and figured I wouldn’t have any trouble getting a job, which turned out to be accurate. So with a head full of dreams and ambitions, I started my first job.

About three years later, I got married, made lots of promises, worked hard, and a couple of years later started a family. And at age 25, I started taking a new look at my life. My weekly paycheck amounted to the grand total of $57. I was far behind on my promises; behind on my bills and discouraged.

I was far from making the progress I thought I should have made. I was willing to work hard. That was not my problem, but it was clear that it was going to take more than hard work. And I didn’t want to wind up at age 60 broke, needing assistance like so many people I saw around me, not in the richest country in the world.

So what do you do to change the direction of your life?

I thought, well, I should go back to school one year of college. It doesn’t look that good on an application. But now with my family, starting, going back to school, seem like a tough decision. I didn’t have any money to start my own business. Money was one of my problems.

I always had far too much money left over at the end of the money. If you’ve ever been in that position. I remember one time losing $10 and I was physically ill for two days over a $10 bill. 

Some of my friends tried to be cheerful. They said, look, maybe some poor person who needed it, found it, but that was not really helpful. I must admit at that time in my life, benevolence had not yet seized me. I was the person who needed to find $10, not lose 10.

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Well, that’s where I was at that time in my life, behind on my dreams and constantly wondering what I could possibly do to change my life for the better.

What does it take to really change a person’s lifestyle?

Not very much. And it’s a thousand a month. I’m telling you what drastically changed most American families lifestyle. And that’s why part-time is so valuable because it very quickly changes a person’s lifestyle.

And here’s what the change in lifestyle does: It’s a great recruiting tool. One of the greatest recruiting attractions is the money you make. Part-time somebody said you’ve been on three vacations this year. So it’s just, I got this little part-time thing go. This is what’s that you bought two new cars, one for you and one for her. How did you do that? And I got this little part-time thing going. 

Your kids have got all these new clothes. Yes, all this stuff is happening. What is it? An extra thousand a see a thousand a month. Full-time nobody wants to hear your story. A thousand a month part-time if it starts to change your lifestyle, everybody wants to hear your story. 

So the key is part time, The magic and the attraction of park time gives you a classic invitation for somebody to listen to what you’re doing that’s changing your life. And it’s not just necessarily the money that changes your life. It’s what you do with the money. It’s the change of lifestyle.

So part-time helps to change lifestyle, which gives you a classic invitation to look at what you’re doing. That’s how I started in network marketing.

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Here’s the next one philosophy that helped change my life. It’s not what happens that determines your life future. It’s not what happens that determines your life. It’s what you do about what.

All of us are in like a little sailboat. And it’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination. It’s the set of the sail.

So jot this phrase down. It’s one of the best to understand. Kids need to understand that the same wind blows on us all.

The wind of disaster, the window of opportunity, the wind of change, the wind when it’s upside down, the wind when it’s favorable and unfavorable. The same wind blows on us. All the economic wind, the social wind, the political wind, the same wind blows on everybody. The difference in where you arrive in one year, three years, five years. The difference in arrival is not the blowing of the wind, but the set of the sail.

And that’s what learning is all about. To set a better sail this year than last year. The first six years of my economic life, I wound up broke. Second, six years, I wound up, 

You say, well, the Democrats must have finally gotten power. No, no, no. It was not a political change. Here’s what changed the second six years of my economic life. It was my philosophy that changed.

The set of the sail of better thinking, correcting the errors of the past and picking up new disciplines for the future. That’s all I had to do at the end of the first six. Correct the errors of the past, and then pick up some new disciplines for the future. And my total life changed. The second six years was totally different than the first six of my working life.

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And guess who can do that? Anybody!

Now you can keep on the same path for the next couple of years as you have the past. But if you wish to, if you wish to, and maybe, everything’s okay for you and you don’t need to. But if you need to make some changes, I’m telling you can start doing it today. So that the next two years will be drastically different than the last 

Anybody who wished to do that can, and you can do it between ages 40 and 43. You can do it between ages 13 and 50. You can do it between ages 60 and 62, any two years; any five years that you wish to drastically change from the previous five, you can do it: If you wish to.

Now this isn’t written, this is not a law. Here’s what it’s called opportunity. But if you don’t know, you can, if you don’t know, you can drastically change your income, change your future, change your health, change your marriage, change everything. If you don’t know that some people didn’t go year after year after year after year, not making much change simply because they didn’t get to the class. They never read the book. They never went to the seminar. They never made the discovery. They didn’t seek for the knowledge of how could I make my life better? 

And if you just rock along, I’m telling you it’s okay, anybody can live any way they choose, but I’m here to tell all of you that if you wish to, it’s possible to make the next three years totally different than the last.

-Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn Motivational Speech: Start Fresh Everyday