How The Power Of Dreaming Big Made Me An IPS Officer: IPS Robin Hibu4 min read

How The Power Of Dreaming Big Made Me An IPS Officer: IPS Robin Hibu (Josh Talks)

Given below is the full text of IPS Robin Hibu speech at Josh Talks:

When I was a 14-year-old boy from a remote village called “Hong village” in Arunachal Pradesh…. I got the second rank, highest in the state services. With a sweet in my hand I went to give to one of my elders from my community. Very mockingly he said,” you are an arts student, it’s good, you will become a clerk or something.  It really touched my heart. That was the start of the journey of my life.”

Am I really useless in being an arts student…? 

Hello friends, I am Robin Hibu, IPS Officer of UT Cadre.  Now posted in Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi. 

It had a long struggle from my remote village where we are not privileged of electricity, light, or even water. We had to walk almost 10 km to reach our school.  But they did not deter my dream to reach to be a somebody in life.  I think that made a whole lot of difference with certain self-determination from core of your heart. 

And my dear young friends, I will talk to you about Today in spite of vast sources of information through the internet, social media…  Why our youth is lost in some way are not able to reach their destination.

What is its reason that is what I will talk to you about? 

I was in a remote village started my school in a Kasturba Gandhi Ashram, Where there was just one teacher.  She taught me throughout classes 1 to 8.  I bought a pair of shoes for myself in the 9th standard.  My father was a farmer and wood-cutter.  There was no money.  I had never dreamed that I would come to Delhi or travel anywhere. 

Within these trouble, somewhere my mom filled me with zeal.  Son, she would always tell me that “in life, if you’re filled with zeal, desire, dream and hard work in your heart… then nobody can stop you.”

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I never believed in it, in the beginning.  But when I gave my 100% dedication to my studies…  When I started to come first in the class then I realized, when teachers hugged me, I became popular among my friends… popular among my friends. Then my village people started that:  this boy is good in studying and he will study further as well. 

My very real-life struggle when I was in JNU.  At that time I tried to go out for a research work and one the place where I had to go every day for research work was Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Library in New Delhi. 

So most of the students used to go there and so did I. with the help of our 6:15 JNU bus, we used to reach there.  And I used to carry a three-piece bread, one boiled egg and red jam on my plastic cover… and hide it on my bed and carry it along with the other stuff.  During the break time, all of the friends, most of them were lucky enough too born in a better family. So they used to go out, have pizza and this and that during the break time. 

But I couldn’t afford and used to stay back and sit in the corner in the library and silently eat the few pieces of bread with the egg and a bottle of water which used to become hot at that time…  because the weather was very hot during the summers. 

So one day a librarian in-charge of Jawaharlal Memorial Library in New Delhi saw me eating bread in the last corner behind the table.  He asked me, “Son, what happened? You are not going out.”  I was feeling shy, others were eating pizza, this that, and I was eating 3 pieces of bread that has become very cold. 

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HE was so empathetic towards me he said,” Son, from now onwards you don’t have to come here.  I’ll give you all the books you want so that you can study and save your time. Study in your room in JNU and do your research work.  I was much moved.  And if you are a genuine hard worker where ever you are, if you struggle there are still good people who will help you. 

The librarian, after becoming an IPS, I ran to him, to give him first sweet after becoming an IPS Officer.  But I received a very shocking news that he was no more. He had passed away just two weeks back. 

When I came back to Delhi in a train in the Brahmaputra mail train in seat number 17 coach S5.  In the train, I had a reserved ticket of course in the second class 17 number seat.  Few of them 7 footed people of course from uniform service they all came. ‘Bahadur don’t sit here, sit there.’ 

They just threw my luggage in the bathroom I fought back and said I have reserved ticket, they didn’t listen.  It was very painful.  Are they doing it because I look different?

But somewhere or other I thought I’ll fight back. Then good thought took over me and said NO Don’t fight back.  You’ll be somebody in life.  Do not let this thing happen…  I reached with that feeling of pain in my, whole night sitting near a bathroom.

And Delhi, when I landed here one pot-bellied policeman asked me ‘Bahadur where do you want to go?’

When I enquired about which bus to take to reach Chanakyapuri, Arunachal Bhavan.  He looked me from top to bottom and said “where are you from? Just check there.”

Then, I realized how your communication skills can make other people at ease. Be like a bee.  A bee goes to every flower and draws honey from it and settles itself.  I believe, this is for you all youngsters.

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First thing, Self-discipline.  Where we used to live, it went below 6-degree temperature.  A glass of water kept in the evening would turn to ice in the morning and yet I used to slap myself to wake up in the morning and pour water upon myself for discipline. 

And if today I have been able to reach the Rashtrapati Bhavan and become an IPS officer the reason is self-discipline.  That is the first requisite. If you have any dream but you don’t have self-discipline in you then you won’t progress. 

Like you can take a donkey to the water but it won’t have water till it is really thirsty.

So I believe young men and boys and girls: Wherever you go…always remember what John F. Kennedy said… “ask yourself what you can do for your country”… 

after all who is the country? It’s you and me. 

We all can make a difference.  So it’s time for you to think over, look back into the mirror and ask yourselves this question: After 3-5 years, where will I be?  You’ll get the answer…

Use your time properly… 

“Be focused like an Arjun…  Let the whole world go to hell…  Defer your gratification…  Be it a boyfriend, be it internet addiction, be it going out…  Be it all other kinds of activities…  Then nobody can stop you…”

Jai Hind, Thank you       

– Robin Hibu