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Monika Bhardwaj – IPS Officer

I am an IPS Officer of 2009 Batch. 

“Today, I am going to talk about 3 core values that defined my life.  I am from a village in Haryana, Sanpla. There is a common perception about Haryana. A weird perception that our generation has grown up with: that women are not respected there. When it comes to talking about honor killings, Haryana comes into limelight.  Now the situation has changed.”

But I would like to tell the girls of my generation that I am standing before you, and I am the complete opposite of what is perceived about Haryana. One thing that I would like to say is we shouldn’t perceive anything as black and white. You can decode examples of both good and bad instead.     

The first thing I would like to talk about is seed theory. The reason I call it the seed theory is given my family background. I feel that I wouldn’t be able to think that someday I would be an IPS Officer.  That was never…  I can honestly confess here that I had never imagined that I would become an IPS Officer.

In fact, the notion was that I’ll do an MBA from IIM and later earn a lot of money. But I had my grandfather around whom when I was a child I would roam around. During those days, his days, it would be called the ICS (Indian Civil Services). There would be ICS Officers.

He would generally tell people that “She’s’ very bright, she’ll be an ICS Officer one day”. Somewhere, he had implanted that seed in my mind.

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So now, I will tell you about the 3 core values that I have lived by:

And that definitely started from the village that I was born and grew up in. I have received it from there. The first core value that we received from our family or our school is honesty.

If you ever visit a village, then you will notice that people go to the farms there.  I would also visit the farms with my grandparents.  It is very usual that a certain crop is growing on your land, and sugarcane is growing on another’s.  You take one and go away.  But my grandmother, who would visit the farms with us, she would not let us do that.  That you cannot steal and eat sugarcane from someone else’s farm…  That is stealing…  So that honesty has been inculcated from such a small age. 

You learn from your very childhood that, no, this is wrong.  However small it might be.  And that is acceptable also, it is somewhere acceptable…  You can take one sugarcane, his farm already has so many … He will also not mind… 

But since our childhood, we have been taught, that it is wrong somewhere.  Even one sugarcane taken without permission, without their acknowledgment will be considered stealing. 

The second thing: Truth.  If I were to talk about truth, I have never seen my parents misinforming anyone about my presence at home.  I never saw them telling even those kind of lies. That has impacted the circumstances that I face now.  It makes my life a little difficult.  I have so much difficulty in telling a lie…  Because I neither saw it in my childhood nor was it taught to us. 

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And third, as I have mentioned before. We aren’t to comprehend something like…that, we’ll someday become an IPS Officer or do something…  But there was a perseverance that we want to do something in our lives. 

I have one quality, which I say about myself is the one quality that I truly possess is that I observe around…  One day, death happened in my neighborhood.  I saw people cried for a few days and then it was okay.  People go ahead with their lives, that’s how society is.  I kept on thinking for a few days, it was nothing.  He wasn’t a close neighbor or something.  But of course, I was observing…  I was seeing what all everybody is doing.

That day I realized is that, what I wanted my life to become…  Is this how I want my life to be? 

You come, you raise children and then you go?

NO…. I wanted to do something with my life…. 

I wanted to do better… 

So, I keep on asking people Look around, and try and understand…  And the series that started that day of observing things, looking at things…  I have still continued that in my life in some manner. 

Again what I feel is the small ordinary things that are there. The things I have spoken about here are so ordinary that it makes it extraordinary.  It has made my life extraordinary. I could have done anything I wanted.  But today whatever I am able to do, I am DCP West now. There are 40 Lakh people under my District.  There is a lot of work pressure also.  But I do it all happily. One reason that I would add it to it is that: I want to pay back Society is making it all for me… they have given me this opportunity so we should be thankful. The people that are present, we should be thankful in some manner and we should do, you have to pay back… Whatever you do, it multiplies and comes back to you…  Always whatever endeavors you take up, in some manner will get multiplied…  

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We have a lot of young people around now. I see that not maximum, but all of you are young. So, what I want the young people to do is that: “have some principles”.

I’ll leave you with this one question that,

What are the principles of your life? 

What is going to make you, what you are going to become or what you are…

What are the principles that made you? You can have one… You can have two… or you can have ten… But have those principles in life, because that is going to make you.


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