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Interesting facts About Barack Obama That You Probably Didn’t Know

About Barak Obama:

Barack Obama was born in 1961 and was named after his father. His full name is Barack Hussein Obama Jr. He is a practicing Christian, even though his parents were Muslim and Christian. he comes from a big family,  having two fathers and ten half siblings.  His mother was married twice.


15 Interesting Facts About Barack Obama:

1. Barack Obama tried his hand on modeling when he was studying at Harvard.

Barack Obama submitted his photograph to be considered for the Challenger of Harvard’s hugs, but was rejected by the female committee.  The story goes that the female committee was looking for attractive young men to model for high-risk calendar for raising funds and young Barack decided to give modeling ago but he was promptly refused.  We wonder how much one of those calendars would cost today if Obama was in them.


2. Barack Obama believes in Good luck charms.

When you become the president of the superpower in this entire world you certainly have luck on your side. But you would be surprised to find out that Obama carries a few charms with him. He keeps them with him wherever he travels. He carries a Madonna and a baby statue, a gambler’s lucky sheep, a little monkey God and a bracelet from a soldier.  Some say he keeps it because it reminded of his faith and the sacrifices that Americans have made to come this far. 


3. He does not drink coffee.

Obama is not a coffee person. He might drink tea, go for a walk, but he does certainly not drink coffee. 


4. Barack Obama is quite athletic.

Even though he might not look athletic, don’t be fooled by his lean frame. Barack Obama stands at 6”1 and weighs about 180 pounds. He bench-presses over 200 pounds. Now, that is impressive for a guy at his age. He also keeps himself active by jogging, playing golf and baseball. He takes his health seriously and he quit smoking too. 

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barack obama jogging

5. He is known as Mr. Renegade by the Secret Service.

 I bet, you didn’t know that throughout history, the American president and their families have been given nicknames by the Secret Service. The Kennedys were known as lace and Lancelot, and the Obama family are known as renegade for President Obama. Michelle Obama is Renaissance. Malia is radiance, and Sasha is rosebud.


6. He has won two Grammy Awards.

Obama has written quite a few books including two bestsellers and both “dreams from my father” and “the audacity of hope” were recorded as audiobooks.  Obama won a Grammy Award each for best spoken word album for these audiobooks.    


7. He is a comic book fan.

We didn’t see that one coming. Can you imagine a young Obama sitting in his room late at night with a flashlight in his hand and reading spider-man? The thought of it is so heartwarming. His love for comic books does not stop at Marvel. Do you guys know, he was a fan of the Conan the Barbarian too? 


8. Barack Obama played basketball in high school.

Barack Obama’s favorite sport is basketball. And what he has done to promote it at the White House is just insane. Thanks to him. the White House now  has a basketball court on its property,  which makes us wonder if any other  president was into sports or not. Barack was passionate about basketball from an early age and he played on a competitive team throughout school, even making it to his high school varsity squad. We also heard that he was called “barry-oh-bomber”, a pretty interesting nickname for a president.                                  

Barack Obama playing Basketball


9. He can speak Indonesian fluently.

After a while his parents got divorced in 1964, his mother got married to Lolo. She took little Barack to Indonesia to live with Lolo, and this is where he learned to speak Indonesian. He can also speak a little bit of Spanish too.

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10. Barack Obama is the first president to use social media.

Obama will always be known as the first president to tweet. He will be known as the president who ushered the world in a social media era. The presence in the past never had to face the masses via social media. There were stories in the news and that was it but now everything is online and Obama certainly used that to his advantage during his presidential campaigns.


11. He does not like ice cream.

Barack Obama worked in Baskin-Robbins, when he was a teenager.  But he has been heard saying he is not a fan of the desert. We suppose he ate way too much ice cream back then… I mean who doesn’t like ice cream. Obama has done a few odd jobs in his view, including being a gift shop salesman and a counter clerk. Everyone needs to start somewhere.


12. He gets his hair cut from the same barber every week.

Barack Obama likes to stay well-groomed. He gets his hair cut by the wrist his Chicago barber for $21.


13. His name Barack means blessed.

 His name Barack comes from the Swahili language and it means the one who is blessed. Barack Hussein Obama Jr.  Was named after his father. His father was a student in Hawaii, when he met and the two got married. They divorced a short while after Obama was born and his mother married again. 


14. Obama has read every Harry Potter book.

 The president of the United States in reading Harry Potter books, now we didn’t see that one coming. Apparently Obama has read all of the Harry Potter books with his elder daughter Malia. He shares a close bond with his family, and we have seen how close he is with his wife on some occasions. We think its wonderful how dedicated Obama is towards family. No matter, how hectic his schedule got, Obama made sure to spend some quality time with his family regularly. 

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He gives a lot of importance to family values because he was raised without his father and misses that important figure in his life. He wants to stay connected with his daughters and be there for them.  Isn’t it so sweet? He also wrote a letter to his daughters and all of the children in the United States and Parade magazine. 

barack obama with his family in white house
 Barack Obama with his family in the White House

15. He had an ape for a pet.

Every one of us as a child probably had a pet and those of us who didn’t certainly wish they had. We all would have sent that letter to Santa saying how you wanted that cute little puppy for Christmas for being good that year. Or maybe you wanted a cat. Well, Obama wanted to have a pet too and he did keep one.  Just not one that you would expect. While most of us would be happy keeping our little cuddles and Persian cat, but not Obama. He didn’t want a regular pet while living in Indonesia.  He had an ape for a pet. Guess when he named him, Tata was the name young Obama gave his pet.


Bonus Fact of Barack Obama:

Obama’s go-to drink is the black forest iced tea.