How to Simplify Your Life: 8 Easy Hacks To Simplify Your Life4 min read

A lot of us want a simpler life. We often feel overwhelmed by busy schedules, long to do lists and responsibilities.

It’s known that happiness is found in simplicity but most people don’t know how to simplify their lives. This post will answer your query on how to simplify your life.

8 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life:

1. Stop trying to do everything for everyone.

Everyone, from your boss to your friends to the government wants you to be a certain someone and do certain things. Instead of trying to be all those identities, you should be yourself and focus on yourself. And, this is the first way to simplify your life. If you can’t make a commitment, don’t do it unless it’s important. It’s not worth trying to fit it in your already busy schedule. You can’t make everyone happy and you won’t like everyone. It’s impossible to make everyone happy so stop trying to do so. People will be disappointed in you for various reasons, some of which make sense while others don’t. Just focus on being the best version you can be for those around you instead of trying to be all those identities and life will be more simple.

2. Declutter your life and get rid of things you don’t need. Simplifying your life and minimalism go hand in hand.

Get rid of all the things you haven’t used for a long time. Cancel your memberships and subscriptions you don’t use anymore. Minimalism is all about getting rid of the things you don’t need to make room for what’s important. If there is something you don’t use anymore and you won’t use it in the future, get rid of it. If something doesn’t provide any value to you, get rid of it. By decluttering, you will have more time and space to focus on what you care about.

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3. Stop overbooking your schedule.

Should you do back to back to back meetings? Hell no unless you really need to. There have been times where I had a really busy schedule and I know what it’s like to hustle and grind. If you have to do it, that’s fine. Go get it done. The problem is that you have to know when that busy schedule is no longer an exception. When you become insanely busy and a busy schedule is now an expectation, your life is far from simple at that point. Having busy days every now and then is good for you but when it becomes the norm, it’s unsustainable and you are bound to crash. Make things easy for yourself and create a schedule with some downtime for yourself. You might even be more productive since you have time to take a break.

4. Find out what’s important and what you should be focused on.

Finding out where your focus should be is just as important as finding ways to make life simpler. Life can be pretty complicated if you have no direction and you don’t know where to direct your focus. If you have no direction, you will be spending a lot of energy trying to figure it all out. Spend some time reflecting on what you want to do or what you want to be. If you can make a list of your priorities, you can then differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. This is a great way to clear your mind and find some direction in your life to direct your energy and focus.

5. Automate as much as you can.

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You can automate almost everything now and automating your bills and income payments have only been getting easier and easier. You can have your paychecks direct deposited, you can auto pay your bills, and you can even auto pay your credit card. If you can automate your payments, you won’t have to waste time or energy worrying about if you have a payment coming up or if you missed a payment. All you need to do is check your accounts once a month to make sure the numbers are correct.

6. Set reminders.

This is an extension of automating everything. Set reminders on your phone to remind you when something is coming up. You would think a lot of people know to set reminders but the truth is that not a lot of people do it. Reminders make your life a lot easier since you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do something. You can set reminders for when you have commitments coming up or have a reminder for when you should get back to work. Reminders make your life easier because you can leave the thinking to your device.

7. Slow down.

Some days you will just be rushing from one thing to the next. Thinking about the future can be exciting but sometimes we need to stop and be in the present. Thinking about our future and doing things to make our future better is important but you should realize life happens in the present. When you live in the moment and be mindful, you are able to observe the world better and it helps reduce stress. By slowing down, you get to enjoy life more and have the ability to live simply.

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slow down and enjoy simple pleasures of your life

8. Limit your media consumption.

A lot of us including me waste a lot of time on social media and TV shows everyday. Media can dominate our lives and take control. You see a lot of people addicted to social media or Netflix everywhere. Don’t let your media consumption control your life since it creates more complications. If you spend too much time on watching TV or social media, you won’t have time for other things and you might have to complicate your schedule to make room. Cut back on consuming media and you will have more time to focus on what’s important. There’s a lot more ways to simplify your life but I believe these are the best. Pick a few tips you like or maybe even all of them and apply them.

Source:  The Life Formula

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