Who Is Jen Selter: 10 Interesting Facts About Jen Selter3 min read

Jen Selter Ass

Who Is Jen Selter: 10 Interesting Facts About Jen Selter

This time we’re looking into the life of one of the Internet’s biggest celebrities, the queen of aspirations: Jen Selter

About Jen Selter:

Jen Selter is one of the biggest names on Intstagram, thanks to her for 12 million plus followers and her great assets.

She created the hashtag belfie (#Belfie) which is basically a butt selfie, and has become one of the biggest names in online fitness as a result. Like a lot of online celebrities, she’s had her fair share of criticism too. But she’s still doing great and has morphed into an insta celebrity with a lot of sponsorship dollars.


10 things you didn’t know about Instagram’s best body- Jen Selter:

1. Her Instagram following began, when she decided to share her workout results.

Jen Selter was working behind the front desk at a gym in 2012. And, all that exercise going on around her clearly rubbed off. She started working out and was impressed by how her butt was getting bigger and more defined. Sharing her workout transformation that started to get her more attention. And after a year her Instagram following was in the hundreds of thousands.

2. Despite being famous for her workout she’s never trained anyone except her mother.

Jen Selter is more of a fitness inspiration than anything else. One of the interseting facts about Jen Selter is that, she doesn’t train any clients individually. Her interest is more of a hobby and she says that she stays on top of the new fitness trends, diets and research that she finds on forums and social media. She also has no formal nutritional fitness qualifications. She likes doing her own thing. Doing her own thing seems to be being the world’s biggest Fitness pin-up.

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Jen Selter with her mother
    Jen Selter with her mother

3. Her schedule is so crazy that she works out in the middle of the night.

In an interview with Cosmo live, she claimed to be so busy that she has to fit her workouts in at midnight sometimes. She also demonstrated her famous squat for Cosmo staff on their boardroom table. As well as five other moves that will get you the perfect ass, without meeting a gym membership.

Jen Selter perfect squat
 Jen Selter demonstrating a perfect squat to cosmo staff. Source:Cosmopolitan

4. She’s accepting of the fact that most of her insta followers don’t want to see her face.

Jen’s Instagram is mainly body and butt shots, which is a very conscious choice. She said in an interview that they don’t want to see my face, when she was asked about what her followers love about her account. It’s her body and butt that has made her famous, and that’s why she keeps posting those hashtag belfies. 

Jen Selter Butt


5. Jen Selter had a plastic surgery but not where you would think.

Selter has recently been criticized for having butt implants or injections. With many believing that she couldn’t have achieved that perfect derriere with exercised alone. She’s never commented, but she has admitted to having her nose fixed after constant teasing and bullying as a teenager. Our ideal body type has changed a lot over the last 50 years.


6. Jen has the weirdest phobia ever: vomit.

 The Instagram fitness model has a profound fear of throwing up and claims to have never thrown up in her entire life. In an interview she revealed that this bizarre phobia was called emetophobia. And has meant that she can’t bear the idea of being around vomit, seeing someone’s vomit or vomiting herself.

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7. Her mother is very proud of her daughter’s online thing.

Shelter’s only training client is her mother, also known as her number one fan. Mrs. Selter is quoted as saying that: “she’s proud of her daughter because despite not wanting to go to college, she’s been able to build up this social media in such a way that she’s become famous and is an inspiration”.


8. Jen Selter’s best beauty tip is to stay hydrated.

She regularly recommends all kinds of workouts to her fans. But, there’s one simple old beauty tip that she’s happy to stand by: drinking lots of water. She may not photograph her face very much, but she owes her glowing skin to drinking plenty of the good stuff, every day in between workouts.

Puerto Vallarta

266.9k Likes, 2,599 Comments – Jen Selter (@jenselter) on Instagram: “Puerto Vallarta”

9. She’s rumored to be earning $50,000 every month.

She is earning $50,000 a month just from posting pictures to her fans on Instagram and Twitter. That doesn’t even include her many endorsement deals.

Jen Selter Ass

10. She doesn’t care that people think her butt is fake.

The Instagram icon is constantly surrounded with speculation that her butt is fake, Photoshopped or full of implants. In truth, she says she doesn’t care what people say or how big it is compared to other famous hourglass ladies like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. In her own words, she likes inspiring people to work out and that’s it.

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