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10 Amazing - The Hero Of Gotham

The Batman goes by many names: the Dark Knight, the hero of Gotham, the Caped Crusader or were more interested in the name few in Gotham City have connected with . Batman maybe the world’s greatest detective but let’s get to know the man behind the mask.


These are the 10 facts you didn’t know , The Hero Of Gotham

  1. Bruce Wayne has been recognized by Forbes for 78 years.

Bruce Wayne has appeared on the Forbes fictional 15 list since 1939. The fictional 15 is a list that is assembled annually by Forbes, which ranks popular fictional characters. The staff at Forbes creates portfolios for the different characters based on what we’re told in their respective stories. The portfolios are then valued using real-life commodity and share prices. Bruce Wayne is one of the few characters in history to have enough pop culture influence and fictional wealth to maintain a spot on the list for such an extended period of time.


  1. Of the top five most valuable comic books, two feature Batman.

Unfortunately the number one spot was a Superman. In Action Comics number one last sold for 1.5 million dollars. However, Bruce is not far behind with Detective Comics number 27. The first appearance of Batman, coming in at number two with a previous sale price of a million and 75 thousand dollars. Also Batman and Robin claimed the fifth most expensive comic. Batman number one with a previous sale of $315,000. The two comics are both over 70 years old.

  1. Bruce Wayne has an impressive car collection.

Even leaving out the amazing Bat mobiles, that have come and gone over the years, Bruce Wayne has a collection of cars from the insanely speedy to the lavishly luxurious. In the recent Dark Knight Film trilogy, Bruce is seen in his daily driver a Lamborghini Murcielago lp640. We also see Alfred driving around a Bentley Arnage. However, for the truly valuable look no further than the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept which was modified for the original Batman TV series which last sold at an auction for over 4.6 million dollars.                                                                       

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                                                                           bruce wayne car


   4. Bruce Wayne has a son

Often called the most eligible bachelor of Gotham and may be surprising to learn that Bruce has a son. First appearing in the 1987 comic titled Batman son of the demon Damian Wayne is revealed to be the son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul. This makes Bruce Wayne’s son the grandson of one of his greatest villain’s rails al Ghul’s. Bruce was completely unaware of Damian’s existence until he was 10 years old. Damian becomes the newest Robin working alongside his father protecting Gotham. Unfortunately, Damian dies during an attack on Wayne Towers.



  1. The most expensive hobby of Bruce Wayne is being Batman.

Numbers based on the Dark Knight Trilogy version of Batman’s needs, without including the cost of the manner in the Batcave as he owned this before becoming Batman, for the total cost at approximately 82.5 million dollars. This includes over 1 million dollars in training and education and over $150,000 in gadgets and weapons. The bat suit itself cost an estimated 1.5 Million. Luckily, for Gotham City the Batman happens to be a multi billionaire and can easily keep up with these expenses and more.


  1. Batman is the sixth highest-grossing film and TV franchise of all time.

Bringing in a total an astounding 4.7 billion dollars the long-lasting film and TV franchise still has a way to go to catch. After Bruce Wayne’s Network, the only comic book based film 10.9 billion and growing. The Marvel franchise holds three of the top ten highest growing movies of all time. Poor Bruce is stuck at number 17 with the Dark Knight Rises bringing in just over a billion dollars.

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  1. Bruce Wayne is named after real historical figures.

The creators of Batman were very deliberate in giving him a name Bruce Wayne. His name comes from two very historical figures King Bruce, the first of Scotland and Anthony Wayne an American Revolutionary War hero. DC Comics even introduced Anthony Wayne as a character in the comics, who is revealed to be an ancestor Bruce Wayne. In reality Anthony Wayne was a major general who served in the Continental Army and the United States Army.


  1. Bruce Wayne is one of the most intelligent superheroes.

Earning degrees in criminal science, forensic science, Bruce Wayne is one of the most intelligent superheroes computer science, chemistry and engineering, before he could legally drink. He is also cited at having an eidetic memory allowing Bruce to remember a tremendous amount of detail. As an international businessman, the number of languages Bruce knows allows him to do business anywhere in the world. Being fluent in at least 16 languages, including Mandarin, Greek, Latin and Hindi.


  1. Wayne Enterprises does everything.

That’s no joke. Branches like Wayne aerospace build luxurious private jets with resources. Wayne Enterprises isn’t just about luxury. The only major competitor for Wayne Enterprises is Lex Corp., the business owned by the notorious Lex Luthor. As a promotion for the film Batman Superman dawn of Justice, a website for Lex Corp was created.


  1. Bruce Wayne would be one of the top ten richest people in the real world.

Bruce may have inherited his fortune and company at the age of 10. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to earn an estimated net worth of $80 billion .Bruce Wayne would rank as the second wealthiest person in the world.

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