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Priyam Ghose: A Content Creator’s Pandemic journey

Problems Faced By Content Creators

Here is the full text of Priyam Ghose’s  talk titled “A Content Creator’s Pandemic journey” at TEDxTechnoIndiaUniversity conference.

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Priyam Ghose – Content Creator

It was good to hear so many good things after such a long time. Uh, but myself, I am a digital content creator, and I’m here to share my story of how I face challenges as a content creator on the internet, uh, post the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Well, uh, when I started, uh, I want to, I want to divide my Ted talk into three parts of my journey so far, the start, the struggle and the resilience let’s begin with the most important and crucial part of my journey, all for any content creator per se, which is the start because it’s, it’s still relatively a very new concept.

And, uh, people are yet to come to terms with this as a job, uh, because even when, even now when I go to, you know, family functions or gatherings, uh, even now when I go to family functions and gatherings, I say that I’m a YouTube content creator.

Uh, there’ll be some aunties and uncles who will just stare at me for five seconds and go, uh, let me actually call it a key. Then the next question is like build a case for it. And my most favorite part is <inaudible>. 

So you still have to answer this question, right? And it’s not easy answering this, but again, uh, people are, people are yet to accept this as a full-time profession, uh, which is what makes the start and even more difficult task by did I start? Why two content creators start, they start with a specific purpose, all content creators start with a specific purpose and the, and it can be rejection. It can be frustration. It can be a save, anything. It can be for a personal reasons, professional reasons, but they all have a specific purpose for which they expose themselves in front of so many people on the internet worldwide.

Uh, I started because of hunger because of passion because of, uh, I thought that I could do better. Uh, but most importantly I believed and I wanted to make people believe that, uh, this is something that you can do for full time and, uh, be doing absolutely all right in life. 

After a certain point of time, uh, on top of that, I also wanted to show to the world that not only creators from other parts of the country, but, uh, even someone from Kolkata creating content out of Kolkata in Bangla, uh, would be able to reach not only other parts in the, in the country, but across the globe throughout the world. So that was my purpose, uh, and content creators, uh, keep the specific purpose of the start very close to their heart throughout their journey.

Let’s come to the second part, which is the struggle. Well, when I started making content, I started making content in Hindi and there were a lot of content creators in the national space who were making content in Hindi, uh, which, which was, uh, innovate difficult because there was very limited opportunity for me to break into the big leak in the national circuit. 

Uh, so that’s when I decided, and I’m always been, I’ve always been an ambitious guy and I’ve won. I am, uh, full of ambitions and everything. So I wanted to break into the big league. So what did I do? I analyze, I identify the opportunity and I decided to go to original. I decided to do Bangla content. And my approach was very simple.

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What I, what I basically did was I, uh, short the problems that were being faced by the people here in Kolkata and, uh, wanted to show them in a humorous way, uh, how I did that. So for example, I did videos on taxi Velez in Kolkata, where I showed that, how the taxi Valez here, keep refusing, even when they are new refusals. Um, I talked about the Bengalis and the malware is rivalry with the Bengalis, keep on saying borderline in for each. 

And every problem that they have, I even, uh, talked about the doula foods over the Bengalis. I talked about that the colleges in Kolkata, the schools in Kolkata and everything, and suddenly, uh, it started picking up and then came to <inaudible>.

 So I was doing a job. I was doing a job and I quit the job to pursue content creation. Full-time it was a massive decision, risky decision because when you do that in India, to pursue something as content creation for, for a living, uh, you not only quit, you quit the work that you do, but you also quit a fixed source of income and a financial stability. So I quit all of that to pursue content creation. Fortunately, I had an awesome mother, uh, uh, I have an awesome mother who was extremely supportive and even more confident in my journey than I was. So, which made the decision a whole lot easier. 

Uh, so that’s, that’s how I came to content creation. Uh, the struggle was hard because, uh, creating content in Bangla, nobody thought that it would actually materialize in the long run, but what people undermine is the massive audience that the digital market has. And that is something that I wanted to cater to coming back, uh, to the struggle.

Uh, I, when I left the top, it was Durga Pooja in Kolkata. And I wanted to capitalize on that. So what I did was I decided to do 10 videos on the 10 days of FUTA, which meant I would sacrifice that 10 days of my favorite festival, the 10 favorite days of, of a year in my life. Uh, but sometimes you got to take that hard decision in order to, you know, stand out from the crowd. So I did 10 videos on the 10 days of Pooja and it, it, it, it, it went viral. 

It got shared by a lot of people. And suddenly I got recognized as a creator among the people here in the city, outside the city and even outside India. And certainly people started looking at me and said, Hey, here’s a guy who’s talking about Kolkata, who’s talking about Bengalis. And he’s telling that, showing that in a humorous way or in an informative way, so why not follow this? Okay. And that will help us get daily updates about Kolkata and also the Bengalis in general. Let’s, let’s just, let’s just follow this guy to know what the Bengalis are up to. What’s the scene there in Kolkata. So that’s how I made my Mark in the circuit shore.

Everything was going amazing and then came March, 2020 and the pandemic happened, uh, the most terrifying part, the most terrifying part was, uh, that, uh, people were dying.  It was a disastrous situation for a lot of people across the globe.

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But if I have to be absolutely honest with you, it was actually a blessing in disguise for us content creators. It was a golden opportunity for us content creators. And I’m going to tell you why, because people were locked inside their houses, they had nothing to do. They were glued to their phones, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, televisions, everything, and all they were doing was consuming content, which is a win-win situation for us.

Uh, so I tried to capitalize on that situation as well. So I started making one video each for each day of the quarantine. And I was getting all time high engagement on my page. People were sharing my videos, not only on Facebook, but on Instagram, YouTube, and even family WhatsApp groups. It was a crazy situation. And I was enjoying the fact that people were locked inside their houses because that’s like a dream come true for content creators. 

But what it also brings is online cyberbullying and, uh, online tooling, which makes me come to the last part of my journey, which is resilience. What the log down did was it gives, it gave immense amount of time to a lot of people. It gave a lot of time to the audience, uh, and that helped them unleash their, be some, some people just unleashed the beast or, uh, the social media, because when you have a lot of time, yes, you do. You do try to do things in a productive manner, but when you are absolutely free, have nothing to do. You just, you know, take a chance, uh, uh, write the command full of hate or something of that sort, and post it online without realizing the effect it is going to have on the person that we’re speaking against. Uh, I was a victim of such online troll online, hate on cyber bullying and all of that. 

And, um, I was, I made content for a month and post, which I couldn’t make content for the next two months because it affected me here mentally. And when I say it affected me, I’m good. I’m going to say this on behalf of all the content creators, uh, because, uh, online, when, when they, when they face hate, when they face online tooling, uh, it affects them mentally. And I was a victim as well. And

I couldn’t make content for two months at a stretch. Uh, it was, it was, I started regretting my decision of pursuing content creation. Full-time um, I thought that I wasn’t good enough. I thought that maybe it’s time for me to do something else in life, but as quantity creators, what we often tend to do is while giving attention to this hundreds of people who are getting online tools hit cyber bullying. 

We often, we often ignore the lacks of people, the light and lots of people who are supporting us, who are wishing us well and are blessing us for the joy that we spread, the positivity that we, uh, uh, shed and the happiness that we bring in their lives. We often tend to ignore that. And in those two months I spent, I analyze, I sat down and I taught that maybe I’m just diverting my attention in the wrong area, on the, in the lawn, the wrong space.

So that’s how my fightback story happened or started. I decided to again, make videos after two months and everything was normal. Everything was normal. When I, again started making videos, uh, the same people who were sharing before the, uh, time I had stopped making them, sharing it again. Uh, the happiness was getting spread. And again, there was a happy atmosphere, all of a sudden, and that is what I wanted to tell all of you that, uh, as content creators, it’s easy, it’s easy to create content and get affected by all the hate that you’re facing. 

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So what you’re going to do is basically not give up, keep the hustle on, yes, you’re going to do a video. It’s going to flop. You’re going to do another video is going to flow. You’re going to do hundreds of videos and it’s going to flop. But the interesting and the most important part is to not give into the situation.

You have to keep the hustle going, uh, because, uh, after the two months span again, when I started making content, people loved and I got to meet my idol shadow con, I got to collaborate with my favorite team. Paul got the nightriders. I got, I got featured in my favorite video creator in the world, NAS daily. I got to collaborate with the bill Gates foundation. And during this, during the pandemic, after the two months fan, I even collaborated with world health organization to create a video that would raise awareness among the people here in this city. 

Because, uh, because that’s how simple it is. That’s how simple it is. Uh, and that’s the most beautiful part. That’s the most beautiful part of being a content creator on the internet, even when you’re in the lowest low of your life, you’re just a video away from experiencing your highest hype. So never give up, just keep on doing what love doing people who are, who are there to head. They’re going to keep on hitting no matter what you do in life. There, they’re just petty people and you shouldn’t be affected by them no matter what. You always need to concentrate on the larger picture, the thousands, the lax, and the crews of people who are there to support you in your journey and make you reach wherever you want to reach. So always keep them in mind.

And the simple formula to life, all content creation is to overcome chaos. You just need to spread joy. And that was my pandemic journey, uh, spreading joy to overcome chaos. Thank you so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure and an honor to speak your, you know, platform has precedes as a state. So thank you so much, techno and the university, and for having me here and giving me the opportunity to present my case in front of so many.

-Priyam Ghose

Priyam Ghose’s  talk titled “A Content Creator’s Pandemic journey” at TEDxTechnoIndiaUniversity conference.